We provide services for 1st-12th graders

Email: info@havefunsports.org 

Phone: 614 - 300 - 7930

General Sport Session Information

     HFS General Sport Session



​​ Our groups are task oriented for students to enhance critical thinking skills. Students learn how to better understand their HFS experience and how it relates to other areas of their lives.


We provide experienced professionals that use the HFS Sport Session Outline®. This outline is used to facilitate our group process and is designed to cultivate critical thinking skills.

For instance, students will face situations that will challenge them  to evaluate their interpersonal and academic skills. This helps creates a better experience.



    General Sport Sessions are designed to promote skills such as:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Optimism
  • Prosocial
  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-control
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Self-efficacy



     The General Sport Session includes:

  • HFS General Sport Session Outline® (Researched - informed)

  • Emphasis on certain individual skills through experience

  • Staff educated & experienced in group process

  • Intentional environment, evaluation, & refinement of services

  • Bully prevention/intervention & leadership development
  • Private membership community, consistent time, & location

  • At least 1 staff to 8 - 12 students per session group 

  • First option for summer camp & other membership services

  • Progression through the program until completion

  • Safe nontraditional sports & fitness activities

  • Positive support of school engagement, climate, & culture

  • More benefits explained during the application process