Our process for each program is professionally organized and effective

Our program process will enhance overall school performance


"The Have Fun Sports program has been a great learning experience for our students. In most cases students have maintained and increased their reading text levels."

-Ms. Kenney



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"Have Fun Sports has been a terrific incentive for my students! The kids have become more engaged since the program started!  This program offers support to both the students and teachers in the classroom."

-Ms. Robine

"I have seen a tremendous change in Jason. He has a better attitude. He enjoys the Have Fun Sports program and looks forward to attending school and their sessions."

-Ms. H

 Our Results

100% of students who navigated through our program completely improved on their standardized test scores. Of those that improved, the average growth rate for reading was 17.5 points.

School-Wide 3rd grade reading guarantee test passing increased roughly 50% on their first test compared to the previous school year.

One particular student significantly improved academically and tested as gifted and talented in two subjects for the first time while being apart of our program.

Additionally, 76% of teachers explained the program helps with student engagement and 88% explained the program helps with school climate.

100% of teachers that we serve are satisfied and want our services again.

 Our Efforts

Schools need more ways to adapt to the changes that are impacting students and implement multi-faceted programs to address various needs.

When we partner with schools we provide Classroom Connect services. This is Sport Session services as well as school-wide classroom support during the school day. In addition we provide a summer camp, which is a structured fun sport experience that  help students better transition to the next school year while supporting positive community development.

Our services impact school climate, students look forward to our services even if they are not directly participating in the Sport Session. It helps the school community by students having more skills to navigate in school and collaborate with others. Our services gives students more successful opportunities to enhance their characterdevelopment and reinforce the importance of respect and expectations. Lastly, our services help not only students directly in our program improve academically but because the classroom is better managed it helps other students and ultimately the entire school improve academically too.

When schools utilize our services they feel comfortable knowing they gave their students the best opportunity to enhance student communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills, which will better position the students for their livelihood.