Who We Serve

We provide services for any student committed to improving and are able to complete our process. We service students from diverse backgrounds and they have the opportunity to collaborate and build on each others strengths to reach and exceed goals.

Email: info@havefunsports.org

Phone: 614 - 300 - 7930


To work with schools and community organizations to provide a safe, professional, and researched-informed environment to cultivate student critical thinking skills.


Mike Rogers, Laraedo Gray, Ty Eargle


​​Our staff team is fortunate to have been serving students from all different development levels and settings for over ten years. Each staff member is unique and have accredited higher education accomplishments which helps us to provide quality valuable services. Currently, we are serving schools and students from in and around Columbus Ohio.


About Us


                          Respect, effort, acceptance, and development

Our Outlook

We facilitate researched-informed experiences that emphasizes critical thinking skills. Students will be prepared to become collaborative and productive citizens.